The rules of "China Town" tournament:

  • "A" class tournament
  • McMahon system, top-bar depends on the registered players
  • 5 rounds
  • Even games
  • Time 1h + 3x30s byo-yomi
  • Japanese rules; 6,5 komi
  • Electronic devices are prohibited
  • EGF tournament rules
  • 15 min late is a loss

Main referee: Oleksandr Yeroshkin

Entry fee

Tournament entry fee: 50 PLN / 11 EUR.

The following discounts apply:

  • payment until 15.09.2022: -10 PLN / -2 EUR
  • players up to 15k and weaker: -10 PLN / -2 EUR

Discounts should be deducted from the base entry fee. The discounts add up.

Entry fee can be paid only by bank transfer, up to the last day of registration (12.10.2022). It will not be possible to pay the entry fee on the day of the tournament. Receipt of payment means confirmation of participation in the tournament. Transfer details: PLN account or EUR account.


Players on the podium of the "China Town" tournament will receive the following cash prizes:

  • I place: 3000 PLN (~620 EUR)
  • II place: 2000 PLN (~415 EUR)
  • III place: 1000 PLN (~205 EUR)
  • IV place: 800 PLN (~165 EUR)
  • V place: 700 PLN (~145 EUR)
  • VI place: 500 PLN (~105 EUR)

Also planned are in-kind prizes for other players in categories such as:

  • winner of 5 rounds,
  • winner of 4 rounds,
  • best female,
  • best up to 15k and under,
  • best tournament debutant,
  • last place.


Saturday (15 October 2022)

Time Description
9:00 Registration
9:30 Opening ceremony
10:00 I round
13:00 II round
16:00 Lunch break
17:00 III round
19:00 After-Party

Sunday (16 October 2022)

Time Description
10:00 IV round
13:00 V round
16:00 Closing ceremony


"China Town" tournament regulations:

  1. Player by registering for the tournament agrees to make public name, surname, club/city, country, EGD profile and ranking on the list of tournament participants.
  2. By participating in the tournament, the player agrees to the recording of his/her image (photos, video) and its subsequent use by the organizer of the tournament (website, social media profiles, etc.).
  3. Player agrees to ensure by his behavior a friendly, safe and welcoming atmosphere for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, socio-economic status and religion (or lack thereof).
  4. Refund of the registration fee is possible only before the registration closing date (12.10.2022). The refunded amount will be reduced by the cost of bank transfer.