2nd "China Town" Weiqi Cup

15–16 October 2022

Pairing Results Stream

Google Campus Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
5 rounds, even games
1h + 3x30s byo-yomi
Entry fee
50 PLN / 11 EUR - discounts
9000 PLN / ~1900 EUR for top 6
+ in-kind prizes

After many months of study and hours of murderous training there comes a time in life of every Samurai, when he wants to compete with other warriors who also vie for victory. This time is no different!

For all of you who want to put their skills to the test on the battlefield, Crazy Go Samurais are holding their first stationary tournament in Warsaw, Poland. We invite everyone: beginners and champions, competition veterans and newbies to meet together, make new friends, have great fun and take part in an awesome Go event!

Those who follow our activities already know that not far ago we organized two online "Bushido" tournaments for beginners, where young Go players could test their knowledge and gain experience. Therefore, there was nothing left for us but to organize face-to-face games for those who love to see fear in their opponents’ eyes.

Main sponsors

Please see the full list of sponsors of our tournament.